Happy Monday…Yeah Right!


Peace Y’all!

At this moment there are millions of people thinking the same thing…Damn, back to the grind! Even the self employed can be a little overwhelmed by all the work that must be done in a week to stay on top of everything.

If you’re feeling that way too, let me offer you this small consolation. Since we must work, in one way or another let’s not look at it with dread & anxiety but with strength & determination. We are in position to elevate our lives and move forward. You can’t really do that without money. So it’s no small thing! So many, too many people wish they had a job or a skill that could earn them income. It would allow them to sponsor what they want to do in the future. Dreams ain’t cheap, THEY MUST BE FINANCED. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as i try to navigate my way to my dream lifestyle and the piles of paper & emails on my desk!

But, let me say this…we are not helpless victims or slaves to our work. We are the ones who have made the choices that led us to our present reality, SO we also have the choice right now, to outline the pages of a new story, an authentic autobiography. Take a moment today, to map out what your ideal day would look like from start to finish. Write it down. Every Monday gets you a little closer to Friday and your work today is likewise getting you closer to getting paid and buying your freedom!


M.Borgella (Owner/Artist)



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