Happy February!


Greetings All!

Happy February, Happy Black History Month!

Here we are in the 2nd month of 2016 and I am still excited about this year, are you? I have already begun drawings for my next set of coloring books and I am planning several events for the upcoming months.

I also want to invite you to follow me on Periscope. If you are not familiar with it, it is an app that was released last Summer that allows people to record live video through their phones. The key word here is LIVE! I will be broadcasting on a daily basis and sharing my thoughts on topics related to life, entrepreneurship and of course all things related to my company WWW.YESLIONESS.COM

*Click here to watch my latest scope: https://www.periscope.tv/yeslioness

Periscope-sign-up-with-phone-number1 copy

Also in line with my decision to spend more time creating and focusing on my Art, I will be hosting my first Paint Party in the Spring. If you are in Atlanta, GA definitely come through! So stay tuned for the dates and venue and  I will post more on that in the coming weeks.

And finally I will be resuming my Daily Inspirations with Yes Lioness emails this month YAAAY!  Sorry I have been away for so long, it’s been a while and for those of you who thought it was over, let me assure you that, It’s ON! I just needed to wrap some major loose ends from 2015 before I moved forward. So it is time to motivate and inspire my sisters each day to live the lives of our dreams.

Click Here to so sign up for my exclusive inspirational email list:


That’s about it for now. I will be introducing new products on the website all month so please come on over and have a looksy! WWW.YESLIONESS.COM

Have a Great One and As always Thank You for your support!

Sincerely, M. Borgella (Owner/Artist) WWW.YESLIONESS.COM


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