Happy New Year from Yes Lioness.Com!

Peace Everyone,

The Natural Goddess 2016 Calendar web

The Natural Goddess 2016 Calendar

I am so thrilled to be here in 2016! Last year was such a challenge and A LOT of work! I had to get very real with myself about whether what I was doing was going to lead me to where I want to go. I slowed down, made assessments and spent a good deal of time, studying business, investing in business coaching and making plans. I addition to that I worked on several major projects but not before being totally swamped with new customers due to several endorsements from some great blogs, websites and supporters, which I am so appreciative of! ( http://www.quirkybrownlove.com/2015/11/ultimate-black-owned-business-holiday-guide.html)  (http://madamenoire.com/601246/black-businesses-support-holidays/9/) and (http://www.afrobella.com/2014/11/26/101-independent-black-owned-businesses-support-blackout-friday/)

3 of the projects I completed in 2015 were: The Empowered Goddess Adult Coloring Book, The Little Goddess Coloring Book for Girls and my 2016 Calendars which are all now finally available for purchase online at my shop: http://yeslioness.bigcartel.com/

Last year I decided to refocus my attention to my Art so that is what I did. I didn’t know at that time what an important decision that was and the impact that it would have on other people. My coloring books have added a new dimension to my interaction with fans of my Art and a deeper level of fulfillment to myself personally. Let me explain. I have created Art that adorns people’s homes, been worn as clothing and have been given as heartfelt greeting cards. I thought, it didn’t get much better than that! It’s another thing entirely to create Art that other people than recreate with their own minds, visions and hearts when they reinterpret it by coloring it! People tag me and email me pages that they have colored from my coloring books and I have been amazed at people their creativity and imagination.

Needless to say, I am hooked! I intend to continue to publish coloring books from this point on as well as other books. This is where I am. Ready to make 2016 my best year yet. I am continuing to carve out a life for myself that reflects who I want to be not just who I am. I’m Ready!

Shop all these items and more on my website here: http://yeslioness.bigcartel.com/

I am wishing you a Progressive & Prosperous 2016!

Bless! M.Borgella (Owner/Artist) WWW.YESLIONESS.COM




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