Hustle or Hassle, THAT is the Question!


Peace All!

Yes. Hustle or hassle? Lately I have been pondering this question, OFTEN! If you follow my blog somewhat regularly you may know that I am a night owl. I am up most nights and days and average about 5 hours of sleep. I don’t say this proudly, I would actually love to get a good night’s rest like anybody else but it’s how things get done. I have a lot of ideas and my  products come from those ideas and so it takes time to figure it out, source it out and then bring it out.

I had the idea a few years ago that I wanted to do these maxi dresses. I thought…how hard could it be to find them, they’re everywhere, Right?! Ummm, wrong! The right cut, quality, colors & prices seemed impossible to find…so eventually I decided to have them made. That was a whole other mission finding the right seamstress, minimum quantities & the whole shabang! So, since then I have been on a mission to get the perfect maxi dresses to print my designs on and YAAAAAYYYYYYY! I found them! YEAH!! lol Just in time for the Summer!  So all of the all-nighters have paid off, FINALLY!

Every night that I’ve spent online searching and searching and not finding, was not in vain. Sometimes that is what it takes.. that’s the hustle part! It was tiring and at times discouraging BUT I knew that if I found them, that it would be worth it. That I would be offering something new & special. The way my customers Love rockin’ my t-shirts, I knew that they would look Beautiful and So FLY Rockin’ my dresses! It’s easy to get caught up in logistics when you work online. Only sometimes do I see the outcome beyond the sale. Then I’ll get an email, or read a comment from a Woman who has received her order and she’s ecstatic! She will say how much she loves it and how it fits her perfectly. Some people even take the time to send me a picture. It’s usually then that see an impact and I realize that I brought someone a little happiness, I helped reinforce someone’s self esteem & confidence.

This is what I know for sure…that when you have a deep desire to do something, that it is God using little, old you for a greater purpose in this lifetime. The work that we do and the degree that we put our whole heart into it, is bigger than us. It can benefit others in great & small ways and that is important to me. So it’s no hassle in my mind, because I don’t sleep on my dreams, I HUSTLE ON!

Check out my New Maxi Dresses here:

Have a Great One, Yes Lioness! WWW.YESLIONESS.COM



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