Meanwhile In the Lioness Den…


Peace Y’all!

Long time no blog! It’s been more than a minute and it is good to be back ’round these parts again! My writing is sacred to me in that it takes more time & self reflection. It’s not as easy for me to write on my blog as it is for me to snap a pic on Instagram or upload an illustration on Facebook. My time has been spent largely with administrative duties and keeping things running smoothly. In the dictionary Art comes before email and orders but at Yes Lioness.Com…not so much.

I have spent this year and much of last year restructuring Yes Lioness.Com in terms of management and priorities. I have reduced my inventory by almost half in order to focus more on quality versus quantity. This has helped tremendously in my mission to provide better customer service as well as my never ending quest for some “free time” aka A LIFE. lol

I have been creating more illustrations and working on new t-shirt designs that reflect the new direction that I am taking artistically and personally. I am excited about so many projects that I am working on right now such as my greeting card line, relaunching my Yoga Apparel line and the maxi dresses which will be out very soon!

Just wanted to send you a shout out and let you know what has been keeping me away for so long! I’m BAAACK! ♥

Peace & Prosperity…                                                                                                                                                                 Yes Lioness!                                                                                                                                                                             WWW.YESLIONESS.COM



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3 responses to “Meanwhile In the Lioness Den…

  1. qemamumosaics

    Welcome back Lioness. Thanks for the update and you have been missed but totally overstand your restructuring. I will be heading in the same direction shortly as it is time for change. Loving your work as always. Dionne x

  2. Cinnamon

    Glad you are back! 🙂

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