Happy February AND Black History Month!

Determined to rise

Peace All!

I celebrate Blackness Everyday, however I still like to highlight Black History Month as a way of shining a spotlight and putting a special emphasis on all things Afrikan and Black. I began to to embrace my cultural heritage as a teenager and it has shaped who I am, how I live and of course my work. When I was growing up it seemed that much of the artistic representations that I was exposed to were from another time. I felt a strong sense of duty to represent my generation and introduce the world to a fresh and modern depiction of African people. I wanted the characters that I drew and painted to look like me and the people I saw every day. So by the age of 14 years old, I decided that that was my mission!

Since then, my love for my culture has only deepened and I feel that the need for this work has become increasingly necessary due to the state of Black people and the ceaseless defamation of our character and humanity in all forms of media. We must love ourselves, have high self worth and know who we are. My purpose is to embed these ideals into each and every image I create and instill a strong sense of pride and respect into the minds of all those who lay eyes upon my work.

To me, Black History Month is not 28 days long, it is 365 days of every year FOREVER! Yes, I Love My Self, I Love My People and I Love Creating Art. This is my gift and my legacy.

Abundant Blessings,

M.Borgella (Owner/Aritist)                                                                                                                 http://WWW.YESLIONESS.COM                                                                                                                                                 Shop: http://yeslioness.bigcartel.com/


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