I’m a Dreamer…

This is for the Dreamers…

“We are the ones who envision a reality better than the one we currently see. We keep on believing, keep on hoping and keep on doing even when we want to give up. We know that there is so much more for us in store. Even when things look there worst, we summon our will and continue forward. We are cut from the cloth of faith and that is a magic cloth. We hold it as we pray and we cover with it when we get cold. We are the dreamers and it is that fire that burns within us that fuels us and illuminates our way. When things seem dark it is our own light that we see.”

~ © Yes Lioness Copyright 2015

May Your Biggest Most Beautiful Dreams Come True! Happy 2015!

Dreamer Copyright WWW.YESLIONESS.COM 2015


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One response to “I’m a Dreamer…

  1. qemamumosaics

    Love and light to you too my sistar.  Continue to your greatness and be inspired …

    Dionne  http://www.qemamumosaics.com 

    Sent from my 4G Ready Samsung Galaxy S4 on Three

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