The Journey, The Lessons & Very Little Sleep…

Peace Yall,

14 - 1

It’s 2:44am and of course, I am UP. I am a night owl. For me, it’s the best time to work. No phone calls, no e-mails and no distractions. Not rushing to give the mailman my packages or doing laundry.Just me. Relaxed but focused.This year has FLOWN BY! I have tackled issues great & small concerning both home life and my business. House repairs & printing nightmares, oh my! It gets hectic at times. But It’s all about Priorities, Organization and Clarity. I can have all the vision and inspiration I want but without a disciplined strategy and plan of action…one word prevails…STRESS.

Ya see, only part of the dream is to have a successful business. The bigger goal is to have a successful life. Having the time and freedom to develop myself, enjoy life to the fullest and use my gifts to help others that are on a path of self discovery and purpose. Our lives are journeys and as Ram Dass said “We are all just walking each other home.” Ultimately, it is about our lives having meaning while we are here and the legacy we leave behind when we leave.

Yes, it’s definitely a challenge on a daily basis to get to the bottom of my to do list but who told me to have such a long to do list in the first place?! Sometimes, there is no balance. It’s everything all at once, right now. But these nights, I spend in solitude, chiseling away at the mountain of work I have created for myself, I still find my peace. I hope you do too.


Yes Lioness!



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