Customer Service!


Greetings All!

These days this is my #1 focus! What is customer service? To me customer service is simply the experience someone who supports my work has with me during the brief interaction that we have after a sale. It’s one thing to create a great product but another thing to provide a delightful and uplifting exchange with everyone that I come into contact with. It may be one time or countless times but I would like to create a positive ripple effect with any and everyone I can. My Goal is to represent on the highest level possible. So in my effort to accomplish this I will be scaling back a lot of things on my website that take my attention away from that goal. 

I took on the name Yes Lioness so that people understood that my company is not about ME as an individual but I AM ABOUT MY COMPANY. So you don’t need to focus on my name but the work I do. For me, it’s ALL ABOUT THE WORK and my work is ALL ABOUT PEOPLE. So my product and my service go hand and hand. One must support the other in order to work for the Best. So I am stepping up my game to meet the high number of inquiries that I receive and I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

I look forward to serving you with the highest degree of Excellence in the future!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                   M.Borgella (Owner/Artist)                                                                                               WWW.YESLIONESS.COM
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Oh and Have an Excellent Day Because You Are Excellent, Ya know! 😉



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