Not Giving Up…

Wild Heart by Yes Lioness

Sometimes I hear a voice inside of me when things get REALLY difficult and it asks me “Do You want to Give Up?” “Maybe it’s time to give up”. Give up on accomplishing all of the things that I want to accomplish that are hard. Being an entrepreneur can be punishing at times. It is a Blessing that does not come without sacrifice. My time, my money and my relationships suffer for it. Heck, I even suffer for it. But what else can I do. I can never go back to being a full-time Art teacher. I can never again take a job and work for someone else doing something I don’t want to do and usually for less pay than I need & deserve. I’m just not cut out for that and I never was.

I am not at all knocking people who hold down a regular job, as a matter of fact I have the utmost respect and admiration for people with the discipline and fortitude to commit to earning an income in a clear, reliable and consistent way.That is what my parents did, and thank God for the stability that they provided for me until I ventured out on my own. But, I am a dreamer, risk-taker rolling stone type. I can only commit to what I feel will free me and working for myself, having my own business seems to be the best path for me. Does that mean that I never get scared, that I don’t have doubts and uncertainty? Chile, I have my moments where I doubt whether this thing will fly in the long term.

But you know what…? I just won’t give up. I just won’t give in to the idea that I cannot be and live the life that I know I was meant to live. I refuse. That little voice inside that says Uh, just going to have to go somewhere and have a seat. I didn’t call this company Yes Lioness because I’m a leo, I’m actually a Virgo. I named this company “Yes Lioness” because of my courage in the face of fear, because no matter how many times, people or circumstances have tried to wear my spirit down I just refuse. The “Lioness” is not about hair, it’s about the heart. And I got plenty of that! So I encourage you, not to resist that fearful voice but to persist in spite of it. I find that when I do, it gets quieter and my roar gets louder 🙂

Have the Best day, cause You Are The Best!
Yes Lioness


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