How Many Tabs Do You Have Open?

IMG_4757 copy
How Many Tabs Do You Have Open, huh…tell me? Well, if you’re like me you have a lot. Maybe all the spaces on your screen are filled up! Yes, I’m finding more and more these days that I am just trying to do too too too much. There are priorities and there are responsibilities. What’s the difference? Well, my priorities are the things that are most important to me, my health, my family, my life as a whole. But my responsibilities are the rent, the utilities and other worldly matters that while they are very necessary, to me, at the end of my life…they will not be that important to me. How I LIVE is more important to me than how I make a living…ya feel me? I am in the process of totally changing my life to reflect what I feel LIFE, is truly about. I am beyond tired and more fed up about this fast paced life that is just whizzing by. It’ ain’t supposed to be like this! I’m going to get that book “The 4 Hour Work Week” by that millionaire guy that has created an empire around the philosophy that all of our time does not need to be wrapped up in the paper chase and then we squeeze in living in what ever time is left. Oh, HELL NO! It means that I will be restructuring the entire infrastructure of my life. But it must be done. So you will see this as a recurring theme this year on this blog. How to FREE UP!!!

Oh, and by the way…if you want to see how I re-work my work schedule to incorporate more of the joys in my life. Check out my Youtube channel. I will be uploading videos regularly again so stay tuned, Click Here:

Have a Great Day, because YOU ARE GREAT,
Yes Lioness!


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