Less Working, More Living!

Yes Lioness Thank You card fw
YES!!! This is my new mantra for 2014 and beyond! LESS WORKING, MORE LIVING! Yes, you read that correctly! And you may ask…”Uh, doesn’t that mean less money..uh are you talking about being lazy?” NOPE! Absolutely NOT! For me it will mean less doing things that I don’t want to do, things that take up waaay to much of my time. More doing the things that I want to do, like painting, being social, exercising, eating right and building up my spirit. More scheduling, organizing and maximizing how I live & work. I spend an unbelievable amount of time on Yes Lioness .Com. My days are no shorter than 16 hours and I pull more all nighters than I should. Does this mean I’m rich! Nooo, does it mean I’m super-duper organized & efficient..ummm..no. What it does mean is that my time and energy are totally consumed with work and you know, what they say about all work and no play. You also may have heard the phrase “working smarter and not harder.” Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m still going to have to work hard. Working hard kinda comes along with having BIG DREAMS, GOALS & A LOT of IMAGINATION. A tad of perfectionism and over-achiever is also running through my veins,so my hustle isn’t going anywhere. BUT all of the grind doesn’t mean that I am steering my own ship…being driven can also put you on auto-pilot and make you lose sight of the bigger picture along the way. For me, it’s not about money, or fame or praise. My life is about Freedom, Abundance, Peace, Growth & Joy. Those are the real reasons why I do the things I do. And this year although I made Huge strides with my business, this journey has been dizzying and a little blurry. So NO MORE! I’m on a mission to be even more successful, provide the Absolute Best products & customer service and still smell the roses along the way. Because, see…I’m not playing. I WANT IT ALL. Free time, financial flexibility and personal fulfillment. And now that I am eliminating even more of the unnecessary things from my mind and life…I expect good things to flow. Time management, efficiency and fine-tuning my life is the key to the next level in the coming year. Thank You for your all of your support. Here’s to the Great Things Possible for You in 2014..Are You Ready 🙂

Yes Lioness!


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