It’s One of Those Days…

TheMind by Yes Lioness

For some reason I just don’t feel right today. I almost always wake up ready to take on the WORRLLDD!!!But yesterday was draining. Too much talking..too many words and a series of less than fortunate events. But it’s okay. Nothing is really wrong just a bit of the blues. The funny thing about it is, that nothing has really changed..just my emotions & thoughts. I thank God for that because somebody, somewhere else woke up to a bigger problem than the doldrums. Some body some where, can’t just change the situation around in an instant. As I write this I’m already beginning to feel my emotions shifting. The thing about it is, although one part of me just wants to stay in bed all day and veg out! The other part of me knows that responsibilities and commitments must be upheld and honored. Sooo…what’s next?? Orders, laundry, and my never ending quest to live the best life possible and be the ME I am meant to BE. I’m going to get out of my head and just pamper my emotions till I’m in a better mood. And there is Nothing like work that can take you away from your ego. This is MY LIFE and on a day like today, all I can do is breathe and keep on going. And I WILL GO HARD, EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT.

Yes Lioness


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