The Process..

GIP 2 by Yes Lioness copy

GIP by Yes Lioness

Each day I kinda look at life like..Okay come on already! I’m VERY ready for the next level! I’m ready to achieve greater success with ALL of my goals.But I forget that I am in the process sometimes and I’m just looking for the result. Nothing in life works like that though. Even when it seems that something happens in an instant, really we were just unaware or not present for all that preceded that moment. Everything that we do and all that we are today began with a process. When we look at our lives objectively, we know this.So I ask myself…what is the problem? Are you impatient (which simply means you are focused on the future but not on the moment) or maybe even too focused on the moment and not aligned with the future?! Does that make sense to you? I hope! And I can be all spiritual or poetic about it and say that life is a journey blah, blah, blah…or I can be logical, scientific and “Spock-Like”, like the true Vulcan/Virgo that I am and say that life is a PROCESS. A series of steps that lead to an outcome, PERIOD. Today I’m Spock. I’m just doing my part without emotion. Making things happen in the short term for the long term. Either way I am going to grow, (YOU ARE GOING TO GROW) and change. I can say that I look forward to the very tangible, physical, manifestation of my efforts, really, really soon 🙂

Peace & Passion,
Yes Lioness!


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  1. qemamumosaics

    I knew there was a reason I connected with you – I’m a Virgo too! Loved this blog and this could easily be me writing it. Thanks for sharing. Dx

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