Wild Things…

Wildest Dreams by Yes Lioness fw
That is what my dreams are…WILD THINGS! It doesn’t matter what is going on in my life, there is nothing that can stop me from dreaming. My day to day routines, the very repetitive nature of life never seems to have an effect on my ability to dream beyond my current circumstances. When I was a kid I use to dream on average 5 dreams a night! I usually could retain all or part of them after I woke up. My desire for something better and my imagination have always made me a very visual person. So it is no wonder that I am who I am today.It’s not a perfect life and every dream has not come true. Some dreams I’m glad they didn’t come true and others just haven’t happened yet. Either way.. I am a dreamer, I am a calculated risk taker and I have always been more afraid of not knowing than finding out. Fortunately as I get older and wiser from my experiences, I take smarter risks! And the rewards? The rewards are so much sweeter!

Big Up Yaself!
Yes Lioness!

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  1. Nafatarie Selassie

    Greetings sister, I am very interested In your business.
    Please contact me as soon as you can.
    Much Guidance.

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