Rising Above the Occassion..


Sometimes we call challenges, problems because we are scared. Whether the issue is financial, relationship, personal goals or work related obstacles can be a real pain. “Obstacles” OBSTRUCT our vision. They make us see THEM and they block us from what we want to see. But, wait. If you know that you are powerful, when something gets in your way, you use your strength to move it. But before you even try to move something, the belief that it can be moved and your ability to move it MUST be there, right? Well then, that’s what it takes.It’s not about the issues that come up in our lives it’s about knowing that we are bigger than anything that we come across on our path. I’m sure you have overcome many situations in your life that at one point seemed impossible. I now know that I can handle what ever comes my way, because I CHOOSE TO. Big, Ugly, Scary monsters don’t scare me any more because I use my mind to figure out a way to conquer them. So that is what I’m doing every single day,one puzzle at a time. I once attended a brain balancing seminar conducted by Dr.Jewel Pookrum. The core concept is to consciously use both hemispheres of your brain to approach life on your highest level. Everything in this life that we experience is MIND over Matter. It’s all about your perspective and your willingness and or skill to rise to the occasion and triumph over it. I have begun to find these opportunities exciting instead of intimidating.

So I leave you with these thoughts…What are you afraid of and is that thing REALLY stronger than YOU? Are you Really exercising all of your power over the situation?

Don’t just be a fighter, BE A WINNER IN YOUR MIND.

Rise Decal Art fw

Yes Lioness


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