Mastering the Moment vs. Managing the Mess!


Man oh Man!! This is a major topic for me. How to balance home and work when you have a home-based business! I write this post not as an expert but as a war correspondent reporting from the front lines. At this very moment I am dodging bullets of laundry, shopping circulars and desk clutter and shipping boxes.

Okay, here’s the deal. When you work from home
a) You are home most/all of the time
b) You have more stuff because your business stuff and your personal stuff all exist in the same space.
c) You are home more so you create more mess

It’s been a real challenge to separate daily/weekly household chores & my business. If you don’t know I am a one woman business. So designing, e-mails, shipping and promotion are all on me. Both of my worlds collide every day but the trick has been to have them co-exist in an efficient and manageable way. This has been a process but I have learned a lot so I am here to rescue or share with you what I know.

1) It’s better to wake up at the crack of dawn than to be a night owl. (I wake up between 5am and 7:30am depending on what I have to do. Staying up all night all the time renders me virtually useless the next day. Which puts me behind on other stuff)
2) Write a to do list of tasks that need to be accomplished the next day before you go to sleep.
3) Make a weekly schedule and designate certain tasks for certain days routinely (so that you’re not always doing a million things at once) FOCUS.
4) Stop saying you don’t have enough time, that idea alone is negative, draining and encourages procrastination. YOU DO HAVE ENOUGH TIME IF YOU BECOME HIGHLY EFFICIENT, HONE IN ON WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT,TAKE TIME TO PLAN AND STOP TRYING TO DO EVERY SINGLE THING YOU THINK OF.
5)Don’t get lost in the sauce! Remember that it’s NOT about work, money, fame or praise from others. It’s ultimately about being happy and having the quality of life that you dream of and being who you want to be. Don’t lose sight and act like life is living you. NO, YOU ARE LIVING YOUR LIFE so take control.

That’s some of what I’ve learned from my experience in the small, home-based business jungle.

Now I gotta go tame the beast šŸ™‚

Yes Lioness!


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  1. Oh my! Sister Lioness – I just loved that blog and could relate to everything said in that message. I STRUGGLE with family, business and still going to work right now so really grateful for your helpful tips. Your range is amazing and I will be purchasing again! One Love xx

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