Have You Ever been Underestimated?

Brown skin lady by Yes Lioness

Have you ever been underestimated? If you have, then you will relate very well to what you’re about to read. But, if you haven’t, then hopefully you will gain an understanding as to what it feels like for someone else. Most people have doubts, insecurities or bouts with their confidence level. If you are not sure whether you can rise to the occasion, then the last thing you need is someone else to give a voice to your fears. Like if they say “Oh, man…what are you gonna do” or ” “you’re better than me because that would have driven me crazy” or even “I’ve never heard of any one doing that before”. It’s the worse thing to not have confidence in your self no matter what the challenge is, but it’s terrible when you have a bunch of naysayers and doubting Thomas’s adding their two cents. The focus must always be on conquering your own inner demons because that is where the real power lies…within. However..until you reach the point where nothing anyone says can influence you..it may be best to quiet your fears and keep them to yourself. Never let ’em see you sweat and don’t let them know about the journey while your finding your way. Leave them in the dust and wave a celebratory “Hello” from the finish line. You Got This, Don’t you?! 🙂

Yes Lioness!


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