Creating Space, Making Time to Breathe..

When I released the wall mural decals I never imagined what it would create in my own life. I now have a huge reminder of all of the the things that are important to me. Like what? Well, like enjoying life. When you work 16-18 hour days (even though I LOVE my work) you can sometimes forget about simple pleasures like going to the park, watching a movie, listening to music and dancing. Stuff like that. Sometimes it’s even just putting on a really pretty dress for no special occasion.

I pour a lot of myself into what I do and I am beginning to remember how it is to put a lot of myself, into myself.Yup!That’s how we grow. I know how to hustle but I forgot how to dance. Now, each day, I take MY TIME To Breathe and Refresh My Own Soul.Yes Lioness Breathe ccw
Yes Lioness… For The Lioness You Know, For The Empress You Love, For The Goddess You Are!


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