Where Do I Begin…?!

So much to say and just a moment to say it! Okay, Here we go!

I decided to expand my line of products to make it more accessible to people in their every day lives. This has meant a ton of time creating new illustrations and designing products around them. It has been SO FUN! This has also left me little time to do much else so my blogs about this have been minimal.

I surround myself with beauty and inspiration in every facet of my life. The way I decorate my home, and every object in it has a value, a purpose and a meaning to me. They reinforce the positive thoughts that I cultivate visually. So I figured, if you like or love my work than you should have the same experience, shouldn’t you?

My goal is to add to the beauty in your life and encourage you in whatever way I can to be peaceful, joyful and in love with yourself and your life. These are the gifts that I give to myself and this is why I share them with you.

I hope you like my New Product Line, Yes Lioness Living..Everyday. Here’s a sampling and please do visit the website and sign the e-mail list to stay in the loop for many more new items to come!

CLICK HERE to SHOP:http://yeslioness.bigcartel.com/

Love & Respect..All- Ways,
Yes Lioness

Country Dawta Journal by Yes Lioness copy

Ma'at bedroom mural art by Yes Lioness fw

Beautiful Dreamer Laptop skins by Yes Lioness

I Love My...galaxy_s3_case.jpg 2 Black

Determined Woman mug by Yes Lioness


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