A Return to Love…



I was watching “Soul Sunday” on OWN last weekend and I always find a jewel each time I watch it. Last weekend was author Marianne Williamson and her book and philosophy about “Return to Love” was the subject. It made me realize somethings about my work and the spirit with which I create. My work has always been infused with my energy, ideas, style etc. I started creating Art as a child because I loved to and I share it because people like it. But the idea came to me after watching the Soul Sunday that day, to create INTENTIONALLY with Love. To consciously feel and implant love into each image. To actually reach out and connect with people, heart to heart through my work.

I feel completely different now about my work when I create. I’m not just randomly creating I am creating with the intention of speaking to people’s souls, connecting.It means that my images are literally my thoughts, revelations, experiences and words come to life. That is soo much more significant to me and the final product and it’s impact. Yeah.. that’s BIG!

So you may notice the addition of quotes or sayings from me on the outside of my illustrations and not just on the inside of a card.
I’m just sharing my truth and maybe it will resonate with you or someone you love.


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