Fall is on the Rise…

Although we are seeing the last weeks of Summer, Fret Not my Pretties, all is well in Yes Lionessville and I got you with the Hot New additions to your fall wardrobe coming in September!
With the changing of the season will come the return of the “Warrior” design that so many of you have requested. The “Warrior” Longsleeve off the shoulder is about to make a comeback and in more colors too. Yes ma’am, so just replace your shortsleeve with a longsleeve off the shoulder and there you Are, Fly as Ever!

Feel Free, Be Free!



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2 responses to “Fall is on the Rise…

  1. Thoughtful Momma

    Hey there! I have been waiting for this top for a minute. I am sooooo looking forward to it. Can you point to where to get the earrings too? : )

  2. Hey!
    The earrings are that of the model and she no longer makes them, Ouch, I know. Sorry 😦


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