Ok people I’m on the festival circuit so that’s why I’ve been so scarce. Being back in my hometown Brooklyn and doing the festival I did for 10 years was GREAT! BAM (The Brooklyn Academy of Music) Annual Dance Africa Bazarre, Memorial Day Weekend was the first festival I ever did back when I was 22yrs old and that was the beginning of what I do to this day. I saw a lot of old friends made some new ones it was real good to be home. I had taken a break from festivals for a few years so this was a rebirth you could say, full circle.

Something odd happened this morning though, I received an e-mail today from someone I didn’t know. She was the daughter of one of my clients in Chicago. She informed me that her father Mike Toles had passed away. I met him at my first festival in Chicago The African Arts Festival, last September. A very nice man and a huge supporter of my work and only 56 yrs old, in the middle of an active & vital life. He was kind, generous, creative and very Spiritual. He actually had a gleam in his eyes when he talked about the things that he was passionate about, especially Black Women! I bid you Peace Mike, it was great to have met you.

My work has taken me places and introduced me to experiences & people that have touched my life deeply and helped me to grow. Give Thanks to the Most High for the gift…life! More LIFE!



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3 responses to “Homecoming…

  1. Sista Ty

    Happy to see you doing your thing so lovely as always! Glad I popped in to see what you’ve been up to. I too noticed you have been M.I.A but now I see with good reason. Many Blessings Sis ALWAYS!


  2. Beautiful work! I have a small group of girlfriends and we all call each other Lionesses all the time. Your shirts are such a reflection of how we as assertive women, and in our case, Caribbean women in particular, see ourselves and our efforts!!
    Love, love, love your work!

  3. Just popping by to say hi. It’s been a while since I dropped by your spot. Glad to hear the festival went well, but sorry to hear of your loss. As artist its amazing how those events affect your work but I’m sure you’ll carry the positivity of your supporters forever. Hope you have a great week… PAINT ON PAINT ON!

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