Relax+Relate=Release, Just Be…

There is such a thing as focusing too intently on a particular thing, even for a Virgo like ma’self. While I have a tendency to be an “all work, no play” kinda gurl even for me it gets dull! I am finally beginning to embrace what you humans call RELAXATION. On Vulcan this is an alien concept (pun intended) but somhow your species embraces it quite well. It’s harder for me for some reason because all I see is work. “Relax…? what for, there’s work to be done, what’s next?” But really I highly recommend it if you have been jipping yourself lately…ahhh Yes πŸ™‚ Unwind, indulge and free Up. After all, they’re just t-shirts, not blood transfusions, people will live, while I live. Everyting cool…seen? Seen!

Tek it Eeezy…



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12 responses to “Relax+Relate=Release, Just Be…

  1. tracyauguste

    you are so inspiring. Thanks for the re-up.. I never have to look to far to find something about that reminds me of where i want and need to be.. Live my Goddess life.. Its my job, my obligation and pleasure..God Bless..
    – Empress T. ESQ..

    • Give Thanks Tracy, I was just telling my sister how you were finishing up Law school! That is so Awesome. Not because of the “prestige” of the title but the Courage, Character and Determination that it took you to go after & complete that goal…Friggin’ Awesome!

  2. Virgos unite! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for checking out my Etsy store. I really enjoy your work and hope to rock that camouflage skirt this summer! Happy working~

    • Hey Shadra,
      Virgos in Full Effect,I Love your work! It’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone’s work that I admired and related to. Props to You on the Everything!

      I will be in ATL a lot this Summer doing festivals hope to bump into you in The A.


      • Thanks! Uhhhh, YES, I would love to bump into you this summer. I’ll keep an eye on your blog for events and such.

        Live long and prosper~

  3. Hi Lioness, definitely feeling this post. I too have a tendency to fit to o much into a single day. Self inflicted stress I find for the most part. But as I get older I’m definitely learning that its far more importnat to enjoy life as you go, slow down and take it easy versus always worryign about the final goal. After all we spend so much time on the journey we might as well enjoy it rigth.

    Glad to see your artwork again, hope you have a lovely week πŸ™‚


  4. It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I’m very impressed and inspired by your work. Your words definitely put a fire to me!

    Peace and Prosperity

  5. I too am a Virgo my sistah. I have the same habit of working too much. I am nothing if I am not goal oriented πŸ™‚

    I am glad that you are learning to relax. So am I.

    “We must enjoy the journey”.


  6. Sista Ty

    Just wanted to say good for you! Relax sometimes, relaxation restored means fresh creative balance. Much love and blessings always!, and may I say you look BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Kai

    Did you create the shirt your wearing? I love your items.

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