Painting, a Dream and Yes Lioness T.V..

So this is some of what i’ve been working on instead of painting (notice no new paintings in quite some time). I want to take some time out to paint, I REALLY do, but already it’s not happening. The shift from making Art to making t-shirts. It”s so sad lol! Everyday I swear it’s gonna happen hasn’t. I have some ongoing projects that just won’t wrap up aready! And now, I’m doing videos, Lord…I’m all over the place. But it’s all so FUN!!! FOR REAL!! And there are still so many more things I want to do. But right now I must focus on the shirts because it’s what sistas/Goddesses LOVE and the season is upon us AND I just happen to get a MAJOR kick out of it. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll let you know when I finish the videos. And You say…videos? Videos of what? Videos of me painting, drawing, and printing shirts, what else. I have always been fascinated by seeing the process of how people make things and to see it while it’s happening, is great. I Love the whole DIY (Do It Yourself) /independent, Arts Crafts movement and as an artist that’s me all day!
So, it’s my turn to join the youtube community, so now there is going to be Yes Lioness T.V. on Youtube! Yup, the notoriously introverted me is saying what the hay!

Hey, I’m inspired by people who do what they do with joy & passion and hopefully you’ll be inspired as well.

Stay Up People!


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