Yes Lioness.Com!

Yes Lioness.Com has been my baby in many ways. It’s been what I have nurtured & poured out all my love on for over 10 years! I have so many dreams for my company, I don’t think anyone has any idea, not even the people who I regularly babble all my ideas to. I just know that this is the year where my baby finally grows up and takes off! I am working on the new designs and they are coming along, my goal is to create new shirt designs on a regular basis, for the t-shirt addicts like me.
Here are some of the new ones I’m selling this Spring (as I promised) modeled by my fabulous new model & friend Tameka, who by the way, designs all of the earrings she is wearing in this photoshoot! 🙂 I met this sista about 3 weeks ago at a networking event and insisted that she modeled for me,thankfully she accepted! (saving me from doing all the modeling myself, Thank God).


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