Change is Wonderful yet daunting at times…

My life is always changing or maybe I should say I am always changing my life? Right now I am working on Yes Lioness.Com feverishly to make up for “lost” time and really trying to get the business where I want it. You know working on paintings, clothing, greeting cards, promotion & networking. There are a lot of different elements that go into making your work successful. And my life, my art and my business are my work, it all goes together and relies upon each another.
I’m contemplating moving, again. Two and a half years in Chicago seems like enough, and there has been snow on the ground just about everyday since November, that and the lack of sun is reason enough to move. We’ll see though Chicago has a great Art scene and there’s a strong networking movement among young, Black Artists & entrepreneurs. I spend most of my free time indoors working on all things Yes Lioness! Right now I am working on my new e-commerce store ( getting ready to phase out the one I’ve had for the past few years ( I’m also printing the new designs for spring & feeling like I’m about to get on the festival circuit again, after vowing to never return! Yeah but it’s calling me so I must go, it’s time to get the new work out and meet people outdoors again. Just wanna do things on a much higher level this time, more products, variety and quantity. I feel that I have been working pretty steadily and by Spring prayerfully it will all come together. Anyway, I will keep you posted on the progress and thanks for lookin’ out, ‘preciate it.




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3 responses to “Change is Wonderful yet daunting at times…

  1. Give Thanks for the Support! To You also, Hold The Vision & Make it happen!

  2. Avery

    keep doing what you do best!

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