Industrious Empress!


I have started an organization called INDUSTRIOUS EMPRESS, to help Women Artists & Artisans of Color who are entrepreneurs and have small businesses.

The purpose is to:

1. Raise money (for each member) to fund business/project etc.
2. Pool resources for joint ventures such as vending, bulk wholesale purchases, travel, emergency funds etc.
3. Create a venue/opportunity for the entrepreneurs to sell to a wider market and create a market that the general public can purchase from all of us.

If you are interested and you should be because This is a SERIOUS and NECESSARY Project.

Please visit, join & become a member & actively recruit sistas who you know can benefit & contribute to the success of this whole organization.

Send a link or invitatioon to other sisters you know with businesses who mean BUSINESS!

The more members, the sooner we can grow our funds in order to distribute ASAP. If each one of you
can add a member or members that will increase our finances Greater & Faster!

Let’s DO THIS!

Peace & Prosperity,
M.Borgella aka Yes Lioness (Network Administrator)


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