The Lab…

It’s become my little cave! Yes this walk in closet turned makeshift printing room is a cocoon these days. I have been working so hard to come up with fresh designs for the t-shirt fans that have been waiting ever so patiently while dropping subtle hints. No excuses! I have come out with a new line of Yoga Apparel, of all things? And I think sistas will be feeling it whether they do yoga or not. I myself am only a wannabee practicioner but I’m going to find a way to work it into my schedule this year, I WILL. Anyway, I’ve become paranoyd about paosting Art images online because people are always recycling, repurposing my work, uggh. Anyway, you already until I actually print the new designs on shirts I will not post the artwork alone, sorry. I’ll be travelling for the next few weeks so look for the new shirts in the store along with some repeat offenders…”Warrior”, “Lion LOve” etc.
Give Thanks for your support and your attention to my work, You Are Appreciated!

Love & Respect!



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3 responses to “The Lab…

  1. Hey there Lioness,
    Haven’t popped by your spot in a while. Absolutely love your latest work and the updates. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

    P.S. what medium do you use? Is it watercolour with oil pastels on top?

  2. charles l. broadnax

    Marjorie , My Godess ! My Lioness ! My Sister ! My Daughter ! My Mother of All Nations I feel blessed to be living in your Times,So I`ll End 2009 by saying THANKS in more ways than jest one BIG and BRIGHTER in 2010.

  3. Bri

    Love it!
    I stumbled on you blog and I dig your style.

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