My 1st Chicago Festival…

Last weekend I was part of the African Festival of The Arts here in Chicago. It was Great! The weather the turnout and the response to the work was Wonderful! I haven’t done a festival (solo) and with only my Artwork in YEARS! Although it is not easy to sell originals, prints or any quality Artwork at a festival I met with a lot of people, gained support and I was encouraged.
The goal of my Art is to show people how beautiful and powerful we as African people Are, Period. It seems that people are able to recognize this in my work whether they fully grasp that or not. At the end of All of the work people must know that Blackness is the Most Beautiful thing in this world. We are Gods & Goddesses and we are The Most Beautiful, Amazing, thing in this world. Everytime you look at my work I want it to whisper, remind & reflect that.



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7 responses to “My 1st Chicago Festival…

  1. Charles B roadnax

    I well begin by saying,i think you, your works,and your art,represents faith and inspiration for untold generations come.
    I was very mush empress with your grace and gifted presents.
    It is my intent to become your biggest supporter and collector.

  2. Give Thanks & Praise Charles. I gotta e-mail you that picture before I forget!


  3. Charles B roadnax

    You are the link the connector the cristel bridge that conect our beautful past and gloryest arisen.

  4. Charles B roadnax

    You are the link the connector the crystal bridge that connect our beautiful past and gloryest arisen.

  5. Ty

    Truly wish I could’ve been there, May we be blessed to vend with each other in the future. Keep the creative vibes flowin.

    Love Love Always!

  6. dponder127

    you are amazing sister. I love your work. I hope you don’t but I am writing a little peice about your work on my blog.

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