Baby steps…

Slowly but surely I am getting back to the business of Yes Lioness.Com. I admittedly have had a hard time juggling my company with my J O B! The website has been down for almost a year and only those of you who saved my e-store have been able to see what’s been up, so Give Thanks!
It’s been a struggle both financially and mentally to invest in the business. As you can see production on t-shirts, greeting cards, ecetera have been at a standstill for quite some time. What can I say…that’s Life. Sometimes you just gotta take a break to put things in perspective and get things in order. I am an artist first, so if my life needs more of my energy, than that is where I will have to put my creativity.
I feel refreshed and prepared to begin to tackle all that the business entails..whew, and that’s A LOT! Many people have reached out to me over the months to show their support and urge me to get back on it. Still a little overwhelming but it’s one day, one moment one breath at a time.
My focus now is the ART, not all the other stuff that I do, so please be patient. I’m looking to have things in full swing again for the holiday season. In the meantime I wish You and Yours WiseMind, Overstanding and Guidance in this little journey we call LIFE!

One Black Love..
Yes Lioness!


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