I had such a good time working on these

Little paintings. They are about 10×10 in. and the first one was just a random little painting and then I wanted to see how many more I could do so I used up every little canvas around the house until there were 6.
Once I was half way through them I realized that they look like those braiding syle posters from back in the day. The collection of them is called “Do Be Afrikan.”
Do Be Afrikan
Nowadays I am very hesitant to put my work on the web because I still keep running into my work in places that I never put it but what do I do..not share my work? How else will people see what I do and what I’m about. Gotta chance it, hopefully If I do end up seeing it somewher else on the web they will atleast not remove my name & copyright as people have done.



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6 responses to “I had such a good time working on these

  1. turn them into very small gif images … meaning in photoshop hit save for web … i got CS3 It can do allot more stuff .. but for now on ps 6 – 7 … do the really hidden watermarks and GIFS (GENERIC IMAGE FILES)

  2. Thank you, this image I uploaded is a small gif but it looks so small on the page too. How do I make it small if you copy it but a decent size on the screen?

  3. Kamilah Hiner

    I would love to buy a copy of each one of these works of art where would I be able to make the purchase?

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