Black & white…

Blackness card 100 res
I have been working on some black & white illustrations off and on for the past few months. This series of black & whites will be made into prints and notecards. I work in color so often that I want to revisit what I used to do all the time and instead of putting the Art on t-shirts I want to display it in a new way. I have always loved pen & ink not only is it bold but it’s so simple and I get to put in finer details.
These days I am exploring more than anything else. This piece is called “Responsibility”. Within the folds of fabric are the roles of daughter, wife, mother, sister, worker and self. So many women put themselves on the bottom of their list of responsibilities and while it maybe necessary at times when it becomes a way of life it is overwhelming and results in a disconnect to the self.


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  1. Honey Walrond

    These are absolutely beautiful. I’ve been following your artwork since I stumbled upon it online, I’ve been hooked sense.

    Keep up the beautiful work.


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