Okay so here are a couple of new paintings..

Don’t ask me why it has taken me so long to update and post these paintings. This is only 2 the othet one not really worth posting. I have been on Summer break for 2 weeks now. I have spent more time doing projects around my place then anything else. I am also (quiet as it’s kept) trying to revamp my business. Not so easy but it will happen before you know it.
It’s too much to get into as to why my site has been down all these months, basically technical issues. In any case I am still in love with painting and that I will hold onto whether Yes Lioness .Com is functional or not. Nuff talk, here’s some Art.
Witness web cw This piece is part of the same series as “Everywhere is War” which depicts African Women in war torn countries.
“Lunar Eclipse”
Lunar Eclipse web copyright
This is just one of those painting that I do just for myself. I had a series years ago called “Earth Science” about Women as forces of nature like the sun, or gemstones etc. I enjoyed doing this painting because I used metallic paint and I just had fun with the elements of adornment. It’s called “Sweet Dreams”.
Anyway, I am going to NY again next week so I will try to fit in a few before I go. Hope you enjoyed the update and Have a Great Everything!

Assalam Alaikum, Jao Jing, & Walk Good!



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2 responses to “Okay so here are a couple of new paintings..

  1. so happy i found this blog sis.. your such a inspiration~

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