More Living, less painting…

These days I haven’t been painting all that much. I just completed a freelance assignment to do a cd cover. That was a painting but I don’t consider my commercial work “MY ART”. It’s just art that I happen to be the one doing, ya know. I’m detached that way because I only care about the clients satisfaction, I don’t get much satisfaction out of working for other people. Sorry if that offends anyone.
I have painted a couple of things and changed a painting that I wasn’t pleased with..just haven’t had the vibe to post them. I will though…I know I’m a naughty blogger I’m keepin’ people interested people waiting…forgive me.
These days I’m focused on creating a life, my own that is,don’t get it twisted! Anyway, I spend my days selfishly indulging in anything I want. From books, dvds, televison, sitting in the park, online shopping, yappin’ about the frivolous, mundane, funny parts of life.
I guess I’m becoming human. What does that mean, it means that I no longer only think about my work and all the serious shit that goes on in the world. I’m not wound as tight as I use to be. I’m still a vulcan by birth but my interaction with other life forms has caused me to evolve or mutate. Yes…I know although you may not have known…I am wonderfully weird and quietly quirky.

Live Long & Prosper…


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