Okay…so I HAVE been painting but…

blogging…not so much. I have been trying to upload a video of a painting I did in January but it hasn’t been working. Also I have done 3 commissions over the past month and a companion piece to the last Goddess painting which I finally completed…ToDAAAAY!!!
It’s rare that I paint men but lately I’ve been wanting to fill that void in my work. This weekend cleaning my apartment was more important than doing a bunch of paintings and next week I’m going to New York to visit my friends & family so pretty much I won’t be painting for that week. But it’s okay because I’ll still be off from work the week after so I’ll paint when I get back.
New York is about family, friends & a little shopping!




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3 responses to “Okay…so I HAVE been painting but…

  1. Lovely painting!! It compliments the Godess piece very well.
    Hope u had a great time in NY!

  2. I have been creating art and affirmation cards but I love your work where can i buy prints.

    Its mj from myspace….


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