The Balance..


I have not yet finished the painting I started last week. I haven’t even touched it. Why? Well because I’m not being a slave to it. I will finish it and I have several ideas for new paintings just waiting to come to life but LIFE is calling me, the business is calling me, relaxation is calling me and I’m answering. I watch dvds, go to social events, read, sketch out ideas for t-shirts and talk on the phone and chill when I’m not at work. Now.. I even go to the gym!
This is my life…NOW. I need to go to work and I need to paint but I also need to be a regular person. When the website was up & running and I was printing regularly I hardly had “ME” time, just “Yes Lioness.Com” time. But these days, I’m happy. I wish I could be more productive with my painting but there are only so many hours in a day. Today I’m off from work it’s “Pulaski Day” here in Chicago. I don’t know who Pulaski is, there’s a street named after him but Thank you Mr. Pulaski! Unfortunatley, I have a lot of lesson plans to write, so I’m not exactly free.
Will I fit in any art today..dunno?
But I will be unveiling my new line of fitness clothing in the next few weeks and I’m amped about that. Exercise is soo important to health and well-being. It’s discipline, and balnce & priority and we as Afrikan women really need to focus on ourselves in a positive strengthening way.
I am not going to be a production line for my Art, I am striving for a healthy balance. I want to live it and promote it. the end of the day I’ll show you a painting 🙂



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2 responses to “The Balance..

  1. Ok wow, sounds like are weeks are VERY similar… I just posted a similar topic, never enough time to do all that needs to get done. It’s crazy how the things we love the most sometimes get pushed to the waist-side.

    But hey, like you said, whenever you get to it you get to it, and it does motivate you more when you do find the time and it;s easier to really “get into it” in my opinion.

    Hope you find some time before the weekend is out, I’m hoping for the same lol, though my piece isn’t as beautiful as yours!!

    Take Care

  2. Ty

    LOVE the new art, and the website changes!
    Sis you are truly blessed wit many gifts. Always in your corner as you are mine.


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