My Other Works…

Much as I dislike having to work a regular job (and I really do!) I must say I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. The children drive me crazy, they don’t listen, they are way too noisy and they are soo fresh sometimes! And yet, they are soo BEAUTIFUL! So LOVING and so innocent! And when they do stop running around or running ME RAGGED..they are amazing. These kids really Love Art and their Art Teacher! Here is a handful of some of my children because like it or not I have to admit these are my kids too.
7th Graders



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8th Graders

Our Indigenous Lost Tribe Masks

Our Chinese Dragon Lion for Chinese New Year

I teach them about Art, but it goes way beyond that. I teach them Culture, Kindness, Respect, Manners and Love and I learn from them patience, tolerance, humility and Love.


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  1. you are so right! you DO have the greatest job in the world if you have to work a 9-5. girl i can’t even tell how i would trade with you in a second…

    and soon enough i will be transitioning out of my corporate hell hole (godwilling) into something much more meaningful and connected to my soul, working with kids, teaching and growing.

    your pictures are an inspiration! thank you for sharing and i appreciate you. 😉

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