Just a picture…

Yes, I have been painting and I have not uploaded the last couple as yet. But here’s a pic of me taken last Sunday.




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2 responses to “Just a picture…

  1. ok i have to be honest … you are completely BEAUTIFUL in this pic …

  2. Mike "Othniel" Toles

    lioness, mi thoughts lately have centered around what he want to C n a painting. Him adore Black Wombmen, (u phase) he b passionate and loves all of the Creators beauty. Last year in November he lose one of him most sacred gifts from Jah, mi Friend and Beloved to cancer. Her represented all that is Jamaica to mi; Female, Bounteous, Rastafari, Caribbean i.e. Spiritual, Colorful, Sensuous, Natural, Exotic, & Erotic: a Wellspring of Passion was Mi Queen from Kingston. I would like to see SHE come to life n one of U paintings, let’s talk. U photograph above finalize mi decision, Respect. Othniel

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