This word means soo much but really it can be a small thing too. This weekend I painted a picture of freedom that started out as a woman running from fear and danger but really she is running to her freedom. It is inspired by the Women of Africa who have to deal with bandits and soldiers who rape and pilage from Sierra Leone, The Congo, and many other nations in Africa. Some women are fleeing from ritual female genital mutilation others from poverty and famine. Women here in America also face a lot of turmoil even though we have more freedom. Economic and social oppression are major issues facing us and I really want to let people know that there is much more to my art than a pretty picture.

Despite all of the things that I have to accomplish, I still have the freedom to do the things that I want to do and my artwork is one of them. I’m really happy with this piece.


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  1. Another wonderful piece. Freedom like most luxuries is taken for granted by most people as they don’t understand exactly what others experience … good idea to bring it to light 🙂

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