Work, work, work..

   Today I went back to work after having been on break for two weeks. I was prepared for almost everything except the 1st graders!!!! They drove me CRAZY!!! They Love Art, and they do their work and they are TOO CUTE! But the babies, Lord…the BABIES! They are very needy, too playful, have the attention span of a gnat and  THEY DON’T LISTEN! Their excitement is such a mixed blessing. First, they all want to be monitor and if they don’t get to be monitor they cry, pout and whine something awful. And then…they don’t want to stop making Art so when I have to stop them and take a way their brushes so then they paint with their fingers. When I take the paint then they keep rubbing on the paper until it gets a hole in it and becomes a piece of tissue! When I take away the art and try to get ’em to leave they stay so long that I have to throw them out to get my next class in! Lord, these kids needed art soo bad!  I am starting an after-school program so that they can exercise more of their creativity But, I must say… THEY WEAR ME OUT!

     I just had to say it..sorry! I have a great job, I know that I am lucky, but sometimes ya’ gotta let it out! On the art front, did more paintings and more pictures are on the way!!! Check back by Friday!




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