Juggling act…


Okay, it’s been FOREVER! I have decided to paint, seriously paint! I have put my e-store on hold for the past few weeks and frankly…I don’t know when I will re-open it. I need to focus on my art! Between, being an art teacher, an author, and business owner my painting suffers alot!

      Really and truly, many people don’t even realize that I am a painter first and the t-shirts and stuff came much later. It is really more of a way of making the artwork affordable and accessible to more people, it’s only part of what I really do. But now it’s not enough. I have to get back to what I really do, so hopefully people will bare with me while I make these paintings that have been waiting patiently while I’ve been making a living. These are a couple of the most recent paintings this week. 

 This one is titled “Waiting in Vain”









                                                                                                                This one is “Stay with Me”.               



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  1. Imani

    Can I buy this?

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