This is getting old..

    I’m really tired of all the “so called” well meaning people who say they love my work yet they download it and alter it and reproduce it and sell it as if it’s okay. Last month it was the Germans, this month it’s someone in Brazil. Forget about all the bootleggers I’ve stumbled upon on myspace!

  It’s depressing that so many people have come to look at down-right stealing as harmless. They claim to be so innocent and well meaning but really they are just trying to get over because the internet allows them to do it privatley. People keep taking my art, manipulating it and/or trying to sell it and then asking me about it later.

Now, I don’t want to put any art on the internet, it’s out of control!

All I have to say is…IT’S WRONG, STOP IT.

My website is not a supermarket and my art is not a grape in the fruit section, stop robbing ,me!



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7 responses to “This is getting old..

  1. Yes tht is wack, why can’t people create from there own mind. Its very sad, back in the day that was called biting or better yet stealing. Its like no one has any morals or Respect. All I have to say is these people need to be locked up for these crimes.

  2. Nyarah

    I am real sorry to here that you are being robbed. Do what you have to do to protect your investments (your art). If you utilize photo hosting site be sure to set them to private. Also there must be some way to encrypt your art (online) so that they may not be downloaded. I have seen some of your art with yeslioness copyright running across it, does that help to detour bootlegging? I admire your work and have come to recognize most of it when I see it. Without any label to distinguish it as yours makes it easy target for high jacking. Keep the fyah burning and don’t let dey thief dem get you down. Peace

  3. Lotus Roots


    Im sorry you feel hurt in this place, and those feelings deserve to be paid attention to. Why??…in addition to all the other resources your body uses to release and heal,……this might be the place you can sit with these feelings and notice the reality. And the reality is (in addition to how you feel) that God has given to us this LIMITLESS WELLSPRING of creativity that is for the purpose of inspiring, healing, teaching, LOVING, and so many more. We are extra blessed when we get to LIVE off of these gifts as a resource,…and when you think of it its the inevitable promise of God that you be about the business of LOVING and the universe will provide all of your NEEDS. (and the wants matter too). So as it may feel as though youre being robbed, one can steal anything from you, and we are vessels and OWN nothing. the minute we think we can possess a thing is the minute we cease to be limitless because then we are stagnantly attached to things that keep us from our emergent nature, YOU ARE a CREATOR… the image of THE Self Reliant ONE,……BE. and REMEMBER.


    PJae——-lotus roots.

  4. Lotus Roots

    oh also,…no ill gotten gain will prosper. 🙂

  5. Lotus Roots,
    Give Thanks for your response. Spiritually I totally agree with you. However, although I posted this entry a year ago. The ethics still hold true, that in the physical/business world when one creates something it is their own. If it weren’t that way no one would profit or build a legacy base on their personal contributions to the world.
    There is honor and respect that every creator deserves, the fact that it is common that people don’t abide by simple rules of morality does not diminish that. Giving & Sharing is natural for me, but in all things in nature there are parameters and that is simple & plain righteousness.

  6. Lotus Roots


  7. agreed…. i know alot of artist going through the same thing weather it be painter or photographers.. its not right what so ever…
    and its like how do we copy right every single piece of art..
    Even in creating fiber arts.. you work so hard.. and was so inspired to come up with a actual original ideal… then after you sell off… and before you sell off you never seen nothing like it.. then here go another sis… (who bought one of those items) straight copy your whole ideal..
    What can you do… yet continue to be inspired… and try to stamp your name over the picture you upload to the Internet… Its a ordeal to do and keep up with…
    at the same time… atleast you know your loved by all even the thefts of the world~

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