Once again it’s ON…..

Finally I’m able to print again, after 6 months! The new shirts will be up and ready to order by June 1st, HalleluJAH! I know a lot of you have been wondering what the hold up was. Basically when I moved from NY to Chicago, I wasn’t able to ship all of my equipment so I’ve been just selling inventory not printing new stuff.


Hopefully ya’ll will be feeling the new designs and colors. I’m feeling the change and liking it ma’self! And today I met my newest model, Joyce! She is the first person that I have spotted to represent Yes Lioness clothing this year in Chi-town. I can’t wait to photograph her in the new shirts. I’m really looking forward to this summer. I can tell it’s going to be HOT! 

Respect=Love  Justice=Peace,

         Yes Lioness!




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2 responses to “Once again it’s ON…..

  1. 😦 You moved!!!!? I though I herd you went to Jersey, which wasn’t that far from NY, but Chicago. We missed you at BAM! Everyone was asking if you set up. It was my first year, and I loved it. Good to see you coming out with more works. Stay blessed and creative and stay in touch.


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