New Design Style…

I am coming up with some different designs and some people are skeptical as to the “marketability” of this slight departure.I have a revolutionary side to my ways of seeing, thinking and being and it’s coming out more and more in my work. This may be art but is it wearable art? Let me know what you think…

Yes Lioness




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  1. Nyarah

    Greetings sis,

    I am loving the new revolutionary designs. “and if you think about turning back I got the shotgun on ya back” eh? Yes it is wearable art, marketable? yes depending on who you are targeting. The skeptics need to be taken out of their comfort zones. We constantly need visual reminders that there are times when revolution is sometimes necessary to overcome oppression and bring forth change. Our ancestors over came immeasurable obstacles to make life easier for us. Sadly with lack of appreciation many of us have gotten comfortable and complaisant. Keep shining your light sis so that those in the dark may see the way. Nice blog by the way.
    Seek truth…facilitate change~Nyarah

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