I Need Your Support Now More Than Ever!

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Peace Friends!


I have entered The Etsy Small Business Grant Contest and I need VOTES! Seriously Help!

This contest is to help small creative business entrepreneurs receive $10,000 dollars to help grow our businesses. The person with the most votes WINS! Simple as that!

Please take a moment out of your day to vote for my company Yes Lioness and help me win this grant it only takes about 10 seconds. This grant would be exactly what my business needs to thrive and a real Blessing to me and my family.

Thank You so much in advance for your support!

Click to Vote here: http://wshe.es/4GtP4g8w



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Happy Monday…Yeah Right!


Peace Y’all!

At this moment there are millions of people thinking the same thing…Damn, back to the grind! Even the self employed can be a little overwhelmed by all the work that must be done in a week to stay on top of everything.

If you’re feeling that way too, let me offer you this small consolation. Since we must work, in one way or another let’s not look at it with dread & anxiety but with strength & determination. We are in position to elevate our lives and move forward. You can’t really do that without money. So it’s no small thing! So many, too many people wish they had a job or a skill that could earn them income. It would allow them to sponsor what they want to do in the future. Dreams ain’t cheap, THEY MUST BE FINANCED. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as i try to navigate my way to my dream lifestyle and the piles of paper & emails on my desk!

But, let me say this…we are not helpless victims or slaves to our work. We are the ones who have made the choices that led us to our present reality, SO we also have the choice right now, to outline the pages of a new story, an authentic autobiography. Take a moment today, to map out what your ideal day would look like from start to finish. Write it down. Every Monday gets you a little closer to Friday and your work today is likewise getting you closer to getting paid and buying your freedom!


M.Borgella (Owner/Artist)


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Mother, Mogul, MVP?


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Greetings Y’all!

Today is the first time I have ever talked about the other side of my life. The daily juggling act that I perform at Yes Lioness as a Mother, Artist & Business Woman. Ahhh… the glamorous life! NOT lol! In between being a creative and entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time tying shoe laces, putting band aids on invisible boo boos, reading stories out load and being a playmate to my 4 year old daughter.

Let me be clear here…there is no balance to this life. For me there is only re-prioritizing on a moments notice whenever necessary. Sometimes SHE is “The Boss” of my company. What I mean by that is, if the day care calls me and tells me that she has a temperature, that means, I’m out of commission for the rest of the day. If I’m working on a project and she asks me to read her a story, that means I’m about to take a break and when she wants to go to the park to play on the swings…I gotta go.

Inconvenient, YES. Counterproductive, Sure. A pain in the neck sometimes…YUP! Being a Mom has had the single greatest impact on the growth of Yes Lioness over the past 5 years. In many ways, it has slowed me down a lot. In other ways it has made me more focused and strategic about how I spend my time and effort. It has been a test of my will and resolve to keep up. It has also showed me what I was made of literally and figuratively. She is made up of me, and not only biologically. My thoughts create her world. The words she speaks, the environment that she experiences, her memory and mindset all depend on me.

At the same time, I am her. I get to see the world from a fresh pair of eyes all over again. I get to relive all the best things about my childhood (like water sprinklers in the Summer and cherry ices) I also get to be the one to comfort her if she is scared and cheer her on with every little accomplishment. Sometimes I make the right decisions and sometimes, i have to make my decision right. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a single parent by any means. But I am the Mom, so ultimately it all falls on my shoulders.

YUP! My Art, My Business and my child are all my babies, 1, 2 & 3! I wanted and want it all and still do. So yes, sometimes I think about when I was single, childless and free. When I could spend all day or all night doing whatever. But I have already collected sand at both the foot of The Great Pyramid in Egypt and on many beaches all over The Caribbean islands.I have lived!  I m privileged and feel humble yet grand every time I wipe her runny nose, hear her laugh or make a sacrifice on her behalf. Never have I loved anyone so worthy or served so selflessly. As an entrepreneur I love what I do, as a Mother, I Love who I have become.

mom day me copy

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                             Yes Lioness                                                                                                                                                           WWW.YESLIONESS.COM

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The World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta!


Peace Y’all!

Last weekend I vended at The World natural Hair Show in Atlanta, GA. I had such a great time! As an online entrepreneur I rarely vend so usually don’t get to meet my customers and supporters. Whenever I get the chance to meet you all it is always a pleasure to put a face to the names and the nameless people who quietly cheer me on as I do my thing!

As an “OG” Naturalista ( 25 years since I wore a perm) it is wonderful to be in a room full of Women who have embraced their natural hair. It’s also the best time to source out all the best hair products to keep my hair looking healthy and Fly! 😉

I met so many of you from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and my website. You were able to tell me how much you enjoy my Art and I was able to make a real life connection with you! Here are a couple of pics!

Wnhs Kalen & Shiloh CCW


I was also there this time with my daughter and she was so good! She handed out flyers for me and modeled the new “Little Goddess” T-shirt which I debuted there and is now available on my website here: http://yeslioness.bigcartel.com/product/the-little-goddess-girl-s-tee-in-pretty-pink-9-99

wnhs 1 CCW lil goddess tee 1









It’s one thing to do what you love, it’s another thing to have a positive impact on the lives of other people. Whatever your gift is, USE IT! It was not just given to YOU, it is also a gift to others! We are tools in The Most High’s hands so be seen, be heard and Be a  Blessing!

Much Love & Respect,

Yes Lioness!


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The New “Team Lioness” Tie Dye Tee!

Tie Dye aerial pink

Happy Monday All!

I am rolling out the new Spring tees one by one. and First Up is The “Team Lioness” Tee! As an Artist and  I have always LOVED Tie Dye! “Hippies & Bohemians will Love it too. 😉

Don’t You just love sports jerseys? So this feminine take on a football jersey, satisfies all your casual yet funky weekend style needs.Voila!


The crew neck style is great for these in between weather days. Throw on a cardigan or a denim jacket and you’re good to go. These are Limited Edition so they may not be around through Summer. Join the team and Get Yours!

Shop Now at: http://yeslioness.bigcartel.com/

Abundant Blessings…

M.Borgella (Owner/Artist)


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Spring at Yes Lioness…

Peace Everyone!

It has been a minute and I hope you are all doing well! Spring is here and so many of the plans that have been in the works at Yes Lioness are now being firmly planted. I think I have finally recovered from the hectic 2015 holiday season and I am ready to move forward.

Things have been moving really slow as far as my return to my Youtube channel and that has been frustrating to say the least! I shot all these videos and my computer, my internet connection, editing software and other technical crap have stopped me. I can’t tell you how irritating it has been. You know how, when you have a plan and a vision and things just keep happening, UGGHH! Nonetheless, I will not give up. I’m finally investing in a Mac, so these PC issues will thankfully be over soon. 🙂

Check out my last video here and subscribe if you would like to see more:



Currently, I am stocking up for the new Spring apparel, so there are no shirts available on the website. My goal is to print all of my inventory in advance so that the order fulfillment process can be SPEEEDY! I hear YOU!

I also have been updating products, such as these new wall decals.

I have also been wrapping up illustrations for my greeting card line. Many of the new cards will incorporate glitter dust and rhinestones! Here is a peak!

So that is about it for now. Please visit the website to see all the new goodies I will be offering for Heartfull,  Artfull needs & pleasure!


M.Borgella (Owner/Artist)


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Free Coloring Page Download from Yes Lioness!





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